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Seawolf Bundle

Take the guesswork out of purchasing learning materials! Sonoma State University is proud to offer the Seawolf Bundle, a learning material delivery program that provides access to your required learning materials in a convenient package before the first day of class. We are committed to keeping this program affordable for students, as such, we've maintained the same price per credit hour since the program began in Fall 2023. Undergraduate and graduate students will have the ability to bundle the cost of learning materials into their tuition. Students are automatically enrolled in the Bundle, but may confirm and/or change their participation in the program 30 days before the beginning of term through the last add/drop date on the B&N Adoption website. Please note that the link will only work during that time.

Learning materials are the content or information conveyed within a course and these include the textbooks, readers, multimedia components, and other resources in a course. This is primarily a rental program. Students can choose to purchase the textbook or learning material for a nominal additional fee.

The Seawolf Bundle program will cost a low, flat fee of $18.50 per credit hour. The Seawolf Bundle will cost $277.50 per semester for 15 credit hours. For the traditional model, financial aid factors $497 per semester for learning materials. The Seawolf Bundle provides equitable access to learning materials for students. 



How it Works

Register for Class

All students will be automatically enrolled in the program. Once you’ve successfully selected your courses, the University Store will start preparing your order.

Verify Your Order

Starting 30 days before the first day of classes, you will receive an order verification link to your SSU email to verify your order and select your delivery preference (in-store pickup or direct ship-to-home).

Receive Your Textbooks

An email notification will be sent when your order is ready for pickup or when it ships. Your digital materials will be delivered for your course(s) within Canvas.


The Seawolf Bundle helps you with: 

Accessibility – You’ll receive all of your required learning materials on or before the first day of class.

Convenience – The University Store will compile all your print materials together in a convenient package that you can pick up at the University Store or have shipped to you directly. Your digital materials will be available in Canvas prior to the first day of class.

Affordability – All your required learning materials are included in your tuition fee at a low, flat cost, which will result in savings for many students. 

Student Information


Learn about all the details of the Seawolf Bundle program and how you can help set students up for success from the first day of class. With this new model, there are no restrictions in the learning materials you select for your course. The only requirement is that your learning material selections are turned in to the University Store by the adoption deadline.

Faculty Information